Readerix for Windows Phone

Enjoy reading your favorite books with Readerix - simple and easy to use program for reading digital books (ebooks). Currently available is a version for Windows Phone 8.0 - 8.1. Download the Readerix from Marketplace and use it free in 30 days without any restrictions and advertising.
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High-quality text and images in books

Most of the time to use the program to read books we spend reading. Therefore, a qualitative text and pictures of book is of most importance. The program Readerix we have created a fast and efficient core to work with the text that you could enjoy high quality display book pages. You can increase or decrease the size of text, you can choose your favorite color themes and brightness, adjust other important parameters for the text.

Support main formats

Readerix supports main popular e-book formats, including: epub (without DRM), fb2,, txt. Soon to be added other popular formats, in particular MOBI.

Fast and easy download books

Readerix allows you to download books from a lot of sources, the number of which we are constantly expanding. You can download books from the SD-card, from OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox; from OPDS catalogs Feedbooks, Gutenberg and more.

Download the Readerix from Marketplaceand use it free in 30 days!